February 24 & 25, 2018

Starts at 10 a.m. on Both Days

Campo Viejo

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Campo Viejo has a long history that takes us back to the Roman Empire. However, it has been only in the last century that our name became synonymous with Rioja wines. From our first vintage – brewed in the former Ortigüela winery in 1959 – to the creation of the famous ‘Rioja Bottle’ in 1961 and the unveiling of our new state-of-the-art sustainable winery in 2001, we have been at the forefront of Rioja winemaking. We would like you to join us on a journey back in time to discover more about our vibrant past.

Rioja is Spain’s premier wine-growing region and the native home of Tempranillo grape. The area has a long tradition of winemaking that dates back to the Roman Empire.

This knowledge and experience have been handed down through generations of local winemakers, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the richness and diversity of the land and to continually produce unique, complex and refined wines.

To make the most of Rioja’s signature grape, we grow and harvest Tempranillo under three subtly different climates. The conditions in Rioja Alta are ideal and generate light flavours. The fruit that comes from the harsher environment in Rioja Alavesa brings about full-bodied flavours. On the other hand, the warm, dry atmosphere in Rioja Baja produces rich, deep flavours. When combined, they create the true taste of Rioja.

We have committed to the strictest of quality standards in order preserve these lands for future generations to enjoy. From the vine to the bottle, we adhere to sustainable winemaking practices. Our winery is also seamlessly integrated with the environment to minimise our impact all while allowing us to create vibrant, colourful wines that are a true expression of Rioja’s Tempranillo.

The vibrant heart of Campo Viejo

Native to Rioja, Tempranillo is the region’s signature grape. Its name comes from the word “Temprano”, meaning ‘early’ in Spanish, because it ripens before Garnacha grape with which it is usually associated.

It’s also the region’s most widely grown grape with over 75% of the total planted area dedicated to it.

Our winemaker, Elena Adell, carefully cultivates the unique character of Tempranillo by combining the characteristics of three different climates – the light flavours from Rioja Alta, the full-bodied flavours from the harsher conditions of Rioja Alavesa and the deeper flavours from the warmer and drier region of Rioja Baja.

These are the attributes that allow us to capture the diversity and richness of the Tempranillo from Rioja in all of our red wines. From the deep, rich and full-bodied flavours of our Gran Reserva to the vibrancy and colour of our Tempranillo, our wines perfectly combine grapes grown across a variety of regions in Rioja to deliver the true taste of Tempranillo.


Campo Viejo

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